ELTblog.net Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the new ELT podcast series from ELTblog.net! You can tune into the first episode by clicking play below.

As promised in the podcast, there will be a link to all blog posts and articles mentioned in each episode. Below you will find links to everything covered in Episode 1:

10 thoughts on “ELTblog.net Podcast Episode 1

  1. Nice one – handy way for us to keep informed. Had been wondering where to get access to Geoff Jordan’s archived blog! And the length fits ideally into my morning internet checks 😉


    1. I’m glad you liked it Jamie. I’m not sure if I can actually continue with it – it was sort of an experiment which has had a very positive response, but it took an unexpected amount of work to put it together :-/


    1. That’s really great to hear! Hope you don’t mind me referring to elf magazine material in the podcast – the site has a wealth of great stuff out there for teachers


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